Yung-hee Lee is a major character and a JJANG.

Yung-hee Lee
Yung-hee Lee
Rank JJANG, Ju Ingong's Wife
Grade 2nd Year
Class Class 2
Sex Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Debut Chapter 2


Yung-hee Lee was said to be a man cross dressing as a girl, however recent information is stating that this was a lie. Yung-hee Lee is a very cheerful character and is usually in a good mood. Yung-hee Lee, however, is also very brutal, as it was revealed that she hospitalized someone for calling her a pervert. She seems to have a crush on Ju Ingong and considers him to be her boyfriend (much to Ju Ingong's dismay). She appears to be good friends with Don-min Ahn as they have known each other for a very long time.


Yung-hee Lee was originally thought to be a male, however it was reveiled that she's a girl in chapter 80. Yung-hee Lee has long pink hair with a pony tail and wears a female uniform.

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