Lee Seung-Jae is a major character and a 1st year JJANG. He is also Ju Ingong's childhood friend, and one of the antagonists of season 2.

Lee seung-Jae
Grade 1st
Sex Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Red
Debut Chapter 37


Since Lee Seung-Jae was bullied as a child he hates it when anyone looks down on him. Lee Seung-Jae was held back a year so he is also quick to anger when someone misinterprets his age. It appears as though he is a chain smoker since he can usually be seen smoking almost whenever he is not fighting.


Lee Seung-Jae has long grey hair wrapped in a ponytail and red eyes. He wears the standard school uniform but unlike most JJANGS his is unaltered. He also wears a gold pendant around his neck.


When he was young, Lee Seung-Jae was often bullied. At this point in time Ju Ingong's face was enough to scare off other people, with no one brave enough to try to fight, which he used to his advantage to scare off Lee Seung-Jae's bullies. Because of this, Lee Seung-Jae looks up to Ju Ingong and, like many characters, mistakenly believes that Ju Ingong is very strong.

Later in life, after he was separated from Ju Ingong, Lee Seung-Jae was being bullied again when Kang Changwon appeared before him and showed him true strength. Since then, Lee Seung-Jae has become Kang Changwon's underling and grown strong underneath him.


Season 2Edit


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