Lee Sanggil is a character in the series and a first year JJANG.

Lee Sanggil
Lee Sanngil
Grade 1st
Sex Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Debut Chapter 36


Lee hates taking orders from the 2nd year JJANG's, who seem to not have the slightest ounce of respect for him. Though he may hate obeying the older JJANG's, he fears them greatly. He appears to be good friends with Park Changsoon, a fellow 1st year JJANG. The two are rarely seen apart. After he is defeated by Lee seung-Jae it appears as though the three have developed a form of friendship, as they are seen hanging out.


Lee has light-blue spiky hair and light-blue eyes. He wears a brown jacket with a black undershirt.


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