Ju Ingong is the main character of Transfer Student Storm Bringer and the head JJANG of his school. His name, Ju Ingong, literally translates to "main character."

Ju Ingong
Ju Ingong
Rank Head JJANG, Yung-Hee Lee's Husband
Grade 2nd Year
Class Class 3
Sex Male
Hair Color Brown
Debut chapter 1


Ever since childhood, Ju Ingong has had a very intimidating face that always appears angry. This face has gotten Ju Ingong into trouble his whole life and is actually what set the plot of the manhwa in action. Ju also has spikey brown hair. In Reboot he has a tendency to roll up his sleeves.


Despite his fearsome appearance, Ju Ingong is a coward who has to act like a thug in order to avoid getting beaten up. He is always trying to find a way to look strong without really proving it. Most of his wins involve complete accidents, while the others are won by his strategic thinking. Although he is a coward, none of the other students seem to notice it because of his facial expressions and demeanor.

Trivia Edit

  • Ingyu Hwang is the first to call him "Transfer Student Storm Bringer" (from chapter 8).


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